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Title Loans in Emmett, Idaho

One frustrating part of moving into a brand new home or apartment is having to pay initial deposits and even hookup costs possibly for electricity, water, cable television or other maintenance costs. Maybe you can make your monthly rent payment but you just need to borrow a little money to ensure you can move in completely.

Using Vehicle Title Loans In Emmett, ID

But where are you going to get that money if you're just short of available funds due to a slowdown at work or trying to manage other moving costs? If you're not able to borrow money from the bank or family, you might have an even better option in vehicle title loans in Emmett, ID.

Why Vehicle Title Loans In Emmett, ID Could Be Better Than Borrowing From Family

It's always good when family or friends can help you in tight times, and you should never be afraid to ask for help when you really need it. But sometimes family can be judgmental and unwilling to help.

Also, if you borrow from family and don't return the money according to a written agreement, there could be serious repercussions and relationships damaged. What vehicle title loans in Emmett, ID allow you to do is borrow money from an independent agency without needing to involve family or other parties so long as you own a vehicle.

Why Vehicle Title Loans In Emmett, ID Are Less Regulated Than Other Loans

What title loans offer is the ability to borrow against a vehicle you already own, and while not every state allows this, Idaho does. There are some laws that do govern the borrowing process, but most of them are simple to follow.

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have your vehicle completely paid off and have this reflected in your title by showing no liens on it
  • In some cases title loan agencies will want collision coverage in your insurance and will want proof of income

Your vehicle will have an appraisal done on it to find out its resale value, and you'll usually be able to borrow about one fourth of what it's worth. If your vehicle is newer, you may be able to borrow up to 1/2 its value. But what the lender will do after verifying the value of the vehicle is hold the title and place a lien on it that will be removed once you repay your title loan plus all fees.

Preparing To Get Your Title Loan

You should always call the agency offering vehicle title loans in Emmett, ID ahead of time to make sure you have all the documents you need, but usually you won't need too many other than personal identification. Filling out our online application can help get your title loan quicker, but you still need to visit a Caldwell, ID agency store. You should at least have the following with you:

  • A valid photo ID such as your driver's license or another government-issued card
  • Your title
  • A document showing your monthly income
  • Insurance documents

Usually you can complete the online application and meet with the title loan lender all in one day, and once the vehicle inspection finishes, an approval decision will be made immediately. You'll usually receive your title loan funds shortly after, but you'll need to make sure you've reviewed all Idaho title loan laws that detail your title loan obligations, and make sure you understand any documents regarding title loans in Caldwell that you sign.